Wiki Ideas


install/restart script

Git sync cron

papertrail app logging


Use FedWiki as a CMS for a static site compiled using Jekyll-Get github

Docs / Writing / Design

Document accidental overwrite within logged in federation

Collate thoughts/references on writing the wiki way

Better documentation

Digitalocean deployment screencast

Consider onboarding/learning

New default styles

Feature / Plugin Ideas

Find and delete empty pages

Add from factory at any point between two items (rather than only from the bottom and having to drag up)


Integration with Finder/OSX, like Dropbox

Smarter merging/conflict resolution, rather than confusing overwrites

Simple (but more complex than the friendsecret) authentication plugin

Farm management interface

Etherpad embed

Page background

Edit title

Delete page

Backup site (local and/or cloud, continuous and/or on demand)

Unstyled static page export/mirror

Select/drag+drop multiple blocks

Text selection mode

Github sync plugin