Wiki Meta Journal


Feb 18 — added pared down theme, maybe in preparation to replace my main website?


Dec 28 — backed up content to github

Nov 25 — learned how to use tmux to run wiki so I don't have to use digitalocean's crappy online console, added ideas page, created and started to port and update content there

Nov 24 — switched authentication from passportjs to friend secret, reorganized main page, added a roster that can be used across the federation, formatted books

Nov 23 — registered, signed up for the smallest digitalocean droplet (after paying off $20 debt from a Discourse droplet that had expired), deployed fedwiki, set up farm and worked on debugging because it doesn't quite work yet, added sisu favicon, made a bunch of pages and added index cards from projects presentation, watched fedwiki videos and poked around various federation sites to learn more