(i don’t remember what almost any of this means, hehe)

networked publishing syllabus

friend graveyard

tag plumbing

canvas post-prezi figma edges of images

livescribe intercept

image management maybe guardian grid




platforms tools for 1 person, other people, probably not lots of people tho group annotation overlay discourse/as a blog? discourse flux conversations not working writing regular writing, weekly, daily, etc emailing people nonlogistically bread (play) lol revisit systems slideshow club user generated content post-admin car registration hacker bribe projects wiki thoughts twitter rants bot death gary questions group writing authorless rotational video nawmal/plotagon/valve3d get a windows comp logging poprs conversations edited lol ugh but hm publications nonstop book review of books vic tc regular lowstakes stuff websites

finish researching web presence years books to borrow or get (easy to add to? staticman?) link to highlights nonstop website 2.0 block party documentation non fb invites/microsite broadly conceive of a way to not be on fb recaps and plans 6 months year projection vlc kp shadow conglomerate Orrery table

Annotation club